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Parking (Car park) Ventilation by Jet Fan

Construction and operation of commercial and office complex is highly booming, according to the optimal use of existing spaces in major cities. Due to the compression of space in such complexes, parking’s are designed with assumption to use the most space possible. Large numbers of cars in car park and enclosed spaces, it will be certainly necessary to design a very powerful ventilation system.

Design and implementation of ventilation system is necessary for enclosed parking’s and car park, because of vehicle density. During the normal operation in a car park, vehicles produce pollutant gases like carbon monoxide and NOx which could cause serious damages to people inside the park lot. There is also another risk in car parks, which is the possibility of fire. Considering the enclosed area inside the parking’s, Incidence of fire will produce deadly gases and huge amount of smoke. According to this situation, parking ventilation systems must have capability to control the smoke and deadly gases and provide required time for people to escape from danger.


Parking jet fan - design

The old method for parking ventilation was using ventilation ducts in roof. This method cause many limits in design and operation and in fire situation, ventilation was not good enough.

New technology in this field is application of jet fan for normal ventilation and smoke extraction in case of fire in parking’s. In fact, this technology represents the most innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional ducted mechanical extraction systems. Carefully managing the project in all its development stages, which requires the fundamental use of fluid dynamics calculation programs - CFD - and also ensures that the system is working correctly. Jet Fan system provides either normal ventilation and can also be provided for smoke extract in case of fire in parking lot.

After final design the performance of jet fan can be evaluated using CFD in normal operation. Also by using PyroSim and FDS software the function of installed jet fan could be tested during simulated fire.

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). PyroSim helps companies to create and manage the details of complex fire models.

Car park CFD

PyroSim and FDS are both using as main software to simulate the fire reaction in different environments like Building, parking lot, Car park, Subway, Tunnel, Cinema, Commercial office complex and …

Using PyroSim we could define smoke detectors and sprinklers in 3D model, in order to examine the current design in case of fire with both software.


Car park (parking) Ventilation Design 

Tunnel ventilation design

Parking CFD projects 

Fire simulation project using PyroSim (FDS) for Tunnel, Parking lot, Stadium and ....



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