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CFD-FDS-FEA-PyroSim Simulation and Projects

CFD and FEM simulations and analysis
Thermal simulation and analysis
PyroSim and FDS (Fire) simulation
HVAC CFD simulation
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According to our experience in tunnel ventilation design, CFD, FDS and Pyrosim - Pyro Sim- (Fire simulation), and by using professional experts, ARACo could handle international project especially in Middle East. We can handle following types of projects:

- Road tunnel ventilation design and simulation

- Railway and subway tunnel ventilation design and simulation

- Ventilation CFD projects (Tunnel, Parking lot, Stadium and ....)

- Fire simulation using PyroSim (FDS) (Tunnel, Parking lot, Stadium and ....)

- Evacuation Simulation using Pathfinder 

- Industrial ventilation design 

Contact us : 

Official website :

Cell phone : +98 912 4780268 (Whats app - Telegram - Imo)

Office : +98 21 66561974 , +98 21 66129745

Sample projects :

Following you can find free download PDF articles and E-Book about fire simulation , CFD , HVAC and ventilation design :

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fire simulation in stadium by pyrosim and FDS


PIARC-Air-Emissions-Standard PDF Download
Piarc THE NEW directive on tunnel safety Download
Railway Ventilation Article in Persian
PIARC Vehicle-emissions-and-air-demand-for-ventilation Download


NFPA 88A Standard Free download


Ashrae Ventilation standard free download


NFPA 130 standard Free Download 


American Conference of Governmental Industrial Ventilation download




Volume I: Handbook of Tunnel Engineering Download

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