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CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD Simulation and Analysis Project

In continuum mechanics, fluid mechanics to form one large branch. Fluid mechanics begins with the same principles of solid mechanics, but what distinguishes them from one another, this is a fluid unlike solids are not able to withstand shear stress. Knowing this, it is planned equations for fluid motion analysis. This equations to respect both the British and the French mathematician called Navier-Stokes equations. CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics - in fact is solve the Navier-Stokes equation for the small size of the original model. In this way the total desired volume is divided into very small volumes in operation meshing and after applying the boundary conditions, the equation is solved for all elements.


CFD Factory


CFD has been playing an increasingly important role in HVAC and ventilation, following its continuing development for over a quarter of a century. The information provided by CFD can be used to check the impact of building exhausts to the environment, to predict smoke and fire risks in buildings, to quantify indoor environment quality, and to design natural ventilation systems.

CFD data center

CFD application in HVAC and ventilation can be classified as:

·         CFD analysis for air conditioning in Buildings, Stadium, Cinemas, Hotel, Hospital and …

·         CFD simulation for HVAC inside Server room and Data center

·         CFD simulation for air conditioning inside class room and companies

·         CFD simulation inside tunnel and metro stations

·         CFD simulation inside parking lot and multi floor parking

·         CFD application for indoor farming ventilation

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HVAC CFD projects

air conditioning CFD projects

Pyrosim and FDS project



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